1. Bulbasaur4. Charmander6. Charizard7. Squirtle10. Caterpie25. Pikachu26. Raichu94. Gengar134. Vaporeon135. Jolteon136. Flareon149. Dragonite150. Mewtwo151. Mew154. Meganium157. Typhlosion197. Umbreon230. Kingdra249. Lugia335. Zangoose352. Kecleon370. Luvdisc380. Latias381. Latios382. Kyogre429. Mismagius493. Arceus522. Blitzle573. Cinccino633. Deino646. Kyurem666. Vivillon667. Litleo672. Skiddo686. Inkay
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Saturday July 13 2024 4:15 pm
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