1. Can I make a custom Pokemon request?
No, I don't do customs right now. But if there's a specific Pokemon you'd like to see drawn, make sure to vote!

2. How often is PokePlushies updated?
I try to update it as often as I can. At least once every couple of weeks or so.

3. Do you plan on having forums?
At the moment, no. Another forum is too much for me to handle, but if you'd like to chat with like-minded fans, feel free to register at Click Critters. I also draw there, and many of PP's fans are there too.

4. Can I use your images for my website?
I prefer you contact me to discuss this as every situation is different. You can display the adoptables anywhere for personal use (e.g. avatars or signatures), however. If you wish to make graphics out of them please contact me (christine@pokeplushies.com)

5. Will you draw things other than Pokemon?
I will, but they will be added later.

6. What tools do you use?
My Wacom Cintiq, Paint Tool SAI, and Photoshop.

7. What does "Sponsored by Click Critters" mean?
PokePlushies requires art, programming, server disk space, a database, and a lot of bandwidth. The only way PP can support itself is with ads, which don't cover the full cost of running PP. Luckily, Click Critters, which I also draw for, is able to host PokePlushies on their server.

Saturday July 13 2024 4:14 pm
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